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Ukrainian-Turkish anti-tank system passes trials

10th June 2019 - 11:30 GMT | by The Shephard News Team in London


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Serdar, a new anti-tank missile launching system developed jointly by the Turkish company Aselsan and Ukraine's Ukroboronprom enterprises, has passed qualifying trials and is now ready for delivery to an unnamed foreign customer. 

Developed by Aselsan, the Serdar system is remotely operated and makes use of Skif missiles (in particular the 130mm RK-2S version) created by the Ukrainian Luch Design Bureau. Two variants exist – one with two launchers for the missiles, another with four. The 130mm Skif missiles have an effective range of 5km and are capable of penetrating 800mm of armour.

The system also features two machine guns (12.7mm and 7.62mm in caliber), and can be retooled to launch 152mm RK-2M guided missiles if desired by a customer. This increases the system’s range to 5.5km, and its armour penetration to 1100mm. 

Serdar is the first example of a jointly-developed Ukrainian-Turkish defence product to be marketed to foreign powers.

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