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DSEI 2017: Microlease launches LEO 2 software

11th September 2017 - 08:09 GMT | by Uldduz Larki in London


Microlease has launched a new lifecycle management software – known as LEO 2 – at this year’s DSEI, which it hopes will lower overall costs for manufacturers and contractors.

The software is a through-life support tool for asset management that enables aerospace, security and defence manufacturers to optimise their supply chains and thereby improve performance and reduce costs.

Tim Bealby, chief technical officer at Microlease, told Shephard that LEO 2 will solve key problems such as data collection.

‘Typically, a lot of our customers, before they use the software have all sorts of spreadsheets and diverse databases holding data. What we are doing with our software is to help them aggregate and join all that data together,’ Bealby added.

LEO 2 has an audit app that customers can use, which has been developed using Oracle Application Express, a HTML5 compliant web-enabled technology.

Bealby explained: ‘That technology [Oracle Application Express] has dramatically improved the look and feel, usability and the intuitive way in which the software can be used.

‘We have extra features that we can develop very easily such as dashboards and dynamic interactive reports, which solves another key problem with our customers, particularly for those who do not have an easy way of doing reporting to look at trends or equipment that they are trying to manage.’

Microlease is aiming to reach out to defence customers that have large service contracts.

‘Typically, those kinds of contracts are five or ten years in length, where the contractor usually has to perform rigorous support, as well as a certain level of KPIs. So that being mandated within the MoD to track what they’re doing better will offer better value for money during the life of the contract,’ Bealby explained.

The technology used to develop LEO 2 has moved away from the traditional client server architecture to a multi-tier cloud-based environment, a model for computer networking that utilises both client hardware devices and servers.

Bealby said that with the new technology, LEO 2 is now more web compliant, so that it can be hosted with commercial cloud vendors within the MoD’s cloud infrastructure.

He added that Microlease is trying to expand so that LEO can become an enterprise tool used over many projects in the same business.

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