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Rafael demonstrates Protector USV to NATO

13th June 2018 - 08:30 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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Rafael Advance Defense Systems has demonstrated the capabilities of the Protector USV against naval swarm threats for NATO forces.

The demonstration, which included a simulated firing of Spike missiles to neutralise threats, took place off the Israeli coast.

During the exercise, a NATO ship spotted a swarm attack - hostile vessels advancing toward it - and reported back to headquarters. The Protector USV was then deployed to identify the threat at long distance, and ordered to 'fire' the Spike missile.

Protector's ability to fire the Spike missile allows pin-point attack of land or naval targets, enabling safe vessel operation, with no risk to the operating force, from a remote command and control room or from aboard other naval platforms.

Protector's suite of mission components includes four mission modules. The modules include force protection and anti-terror, by employing a stabilised weapon station – Mini-Typhoon, a water cannon, non-lethal means; EW systems for protection and escort of naval vessels; mine counter-measures; Toplite EO long-range detection and tracking systems; and Rafael's Spike missiles, all remotely-operated.

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