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ITEC 2018: German Navy awaits Sea Lion sim decision (video)

15th May 2018 - 13:06 GMT | by Tim Martin, Trevor Nash in Nordholz


The German Navy is awaiting a decision on the future of its NH90 Sea Lion training. The training device will be located at Nordholz naval air station and Shephard understands that five consortia are currently in a source selection phase.

‘The programme has been delayed and the simulator will unfortunately enter service after the aircraft,’ said Cdr Jan Keller, chief of operations at Nordholz.

The first aircraft is expected to arrive in October 2019 and will replace the Sea King Mk41 that will retire in 2023.

‘When delivered, the simulator will play a key role in training Sea Lion crews here in Nordholz,’ explained Keller. ‘Initially, most training will be conducted in the simulator and then we expect to move to a ratio of 50:50 simulator, live flying training.’

The NH90 will join three other simulators at Nordholz. These represent the Sea Lynx Mk88, Sea King Mk41 and the PC-3 Orion.

The P-3C and Sea Lynx are scheduled to undergo upgrades starting in November this year with the P-3C.

This upgrade features the replacement of EIS Barco projectors with new Sony 4K devices; the latest Medallion image generator complete with Common Database (CDB).

As far as the Sea Lynx is concerned, this upgrade features the replacement of hydraulic motion and control loading with fully digital electric systems and the addition of the CDB. These enhancements will be completed in mid-2019.

‘In addition to the contracted upgrades for the Sea Lynx, we are in discussion to add the latest Medallion and the Sony projectors,’ said Andre Neumann, naval strategy and BD manager at CAE.

Upgrades to the Sea King Mk41 simulator were completed last year and included the addition of the latest Medallion image generator and CDB.

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