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Eurosatory 2018: Serbia highlights artillery offerings

12th June 2018 - 09:00 GMT | by Alice Budge in Paris


Yugoimport SDPR is showcasing a number of its new capabilities at Eurosatory in Paris, including vehicles, rockets and artillery systems, as it targets international export opportunities.

One of the systems the state-owned Serbian company is displaying is the Lazar, an 8x8 APC which is currently in production for an unspecified Asian customer.

‘The Lazar is in use with the Serbian Army and Police… 12 APCs have been delivered to Serbia within the last year or two,’ Marko Stojanovic, promotion consultant at Yugoimport told Shephard.

According to Stojanovic, there has also been significant interest in the 8x8 APC from Middle Eastern, African and other Asian nations.

The Serbian army and interior forces initially ordered 20 vehicles in 2016, followed by a recent delivery of an additional 12 units.

First unveiled in 2016, the vehicle is manned by three crew members and features a remote control weapon system capable of integrating different calibre guns from 12.7mm up to 30mm.

The Lazar III features a 520hp Cummins engine, Tyron runflats tyres, along with a drive line system provided by Timoney.

Previous configurations of the vehicle have featured the Russian 2A42A turret which has a 30mm cannon and coaxial 7.62mm machine gun.

The platform is 8m long, 3m wide with a total weight of 28t and can reach speeds of up to 110km/h.

While not present at Eurosatory, the company is also marketing its Milosh BOV M16 4x4 armoured vehicle, the prototype of which is currently being tested by an undisclosed foreign customer.  

While the vehicle has not been ordered by the Serbian armed forces to date, Stojanovic commented that ‘maybe the Serbian army will use it in the future’ as the force continues to incrementally modernise and replace its land capabilities.

Meanwhile, the NORA-B52 self-propelled howitzer and the prototype of the Aleksandar self-propelled artillery system dominate the Balkan nation’s presence at the Paris show.

Initial firing trials of the Aleksandar 155mm/52cal self-propelled artillery system have commenced, which is testing the platform’s weapon. This is fed by an automatic loader charged with 12 rounds and capable of firing at a rate of six rounds per minute.

A number of projectiles can be launched from the platform, including the ERFB, ERFB-BB and the VLAP, the latter of which provides a maximum firing range 62km.

The onboard fire control system allows for fully autonomous operations, enabling the three crew members to remain within the protected cab at the front of the Russian-made KAMAZ 6560 chassis.

The KAMAZ 8x8 chassis is also used by Yugoimport for its NORA system and the new Shumadija 400mm modular rocket launcher.

While NORA is currently in service with the Serbian Army and sold to a number of countries, Yugoimport is yet to announce an initial customer for the Aleksandar weapon system.  

The state-owned Serbian company also has on display a number of rocket and missile systems. Officials told Shephard that it has performed live fire tests of its new air to ground 128mm guided rocket last month from a Mi-17 helicopter.

Stojanovic confirmed to Shephard that development of the M16 K rocket is ongoing.

‘It was fired from an Mi-17 last month… but can be fired from any helicopter of a similar weight,’ he said.

The new guided weapon offers customers an upgrade of the company’s existing 128mm non-guided rockets, designed to be launched from a four barrel L-128-04 rocket launcher integrated on rotary or fixed wing aircraft.

The laser-guided rocket features a 20kg high explosive blast fragmentation warhead and can reach a maximum velocity of 500m/s.

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