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Eurosatory 2018: Saab goes sub-zero with new Arctic camouflage

13th June 2018 - 15:00 GMT | by Beth Maundrill in Paris


Saab has used Eurosatory to expand its Barracuda range of camouflage systems to include an Arctic version and an adjustable mobile camouflage system (MCS), as well as launch a new academy for training on the system.

The new Arctic camouflage with its white colour spectrum design will be capable of working in temperatures as low was -40˚C, according to the company.

The adjustable MCS also adds reversible colour panels for an option of either grey, brown or green camouflage.

Speaking with reporters at Eurosatory 2018, Claes-Peter Cederlöf, head of marketing and sales for Barracuda at Saab admitted that there had been some problems with the older system operating at low temperatures.

Cederlöf noted that it is important to have high specification signature management in the face of near-peer threats such as Russia, which has invested heavily into its sensor capabilities and deployed these with its EW brigade in conflict zones.

‘It is important to have signature management because the sensors are everywhere,’ he said.

He said the Barracuda is able to block signals across all radar bands.

The newly-launched Barracuda Academy aims to provide militaries with training on how to best use the Barracuda MCS with the company offering three-day masterclasses in Sweden as well as a 'train the trainer' concept for external training.

The company will hold two masterclasses this year.

Because the past decade has been typically fought against an asymmetric threat, signature management capabilities have in some cases been lost. With a peer aggressor this knowledge needs to be re-inserted into military capabilities which is where the academy comes into play.

‘Especially in the Baltics where they know they are being seen all the time,’ Cederlöf added.

Cederlöf estimated that the camouflage market is worth about 2-4SEK billion per year ($4.6-2.3 million) and growth in the coming years is expected.

The company currently is able to cover 75 different vehicles with its camouflage solutions.

The exact technology that enables the camouflage to block such a wide range of signals remains a closely-guarded company secret. 

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