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Support sought for SOF dive shelters

28th January 2017 - 12:00 by Scott Gourley in Las Vegas, Nevada

Support sought for SOF dive shelters

The US Navy is preparing to issue a request for proposals (RfP) to cover technical services for its inventory of Dry Deck Shelters (DDS). 

The US currently has an inventory of six DDS, which are floodable pressure vessels carried on the deck of a host submarine. The shelters are typically used to launch and recover a SEAL Delivery Vehicle or to conduct mass swimmer lock-out/lock-in operations to support various special operations forces (SOF) missions.

Current projected services lives for the US Navy’s DDS systems ranges from 2042 to 2051.

In a special notice issued on 26 January 2017, the government announced intent to issue an RfP later in calendar year 2017 for Technical Support Services for the US Navy's DDS systems.

The DDS Technical Support Services Contract will primarily include a range of efforts. These include the design, fabrication, kitting, installation and testing of DDS and host submarine configuration changes on SOF designated SSGN and Virginia Class submarines.

This effort may include the modernisation of multiple DDSs to incorporate the remote controlled Hangar Outer Door (HOD), 50 inch extension, high capacity Payload-Launch and Recovery System (P-LARS), and the capability to remotely control the hangar operations from the host submarine command and control station.

The contract also encompasses the execution of DDS Restricted Availabilities (RAV) and DDS Initial Fit-Ups (IFU)/ DDS Cross-fits; DDS inspection and repair; and maintaining the DDS rotatable pool and associated government furnished property.

In support of the DDS Technical Support Services Solicitation effort, the Pentagon plans to hold an industry day at Little Creek, Virginia on 28 February.

Briefings will include an overview of the planned scope of the DDS Technical Support Services Contract with attendees afforded the opportunity to ask questions about the planned efforts.

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