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International SOF Warrior Competition concludes

9th May 2018 - 06:00 GMT | by Andrew White in London


Special operations units from around the world competed in the latest iteration of the annual Warrior Competition at the King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center (KASOTC), Jordan, which concluded on 29 April 2018.

The nine-day exercise, designed to encourage cooperation and interoperability between participating units, saw units from across military, paramilitary and law enforcement communities conducting the event at the training establishment of the Jordanian Special Operations Forces.

Participants included special operations units from the US Army Special Operations Command; Austria’s Cobra team; Greece’s EKAM; Kuwait’s 25th Commando Brigade; and Turkey’s Gendarmerie Special Operations Command. Additional entries amount to 40 teams from 25 countries included teams from the UAE, Lebanon, Moldova, Brunei, Belarus, Ukraine, Kosovo, Oman, Kenya, Sudan, Poland, Sweden, Portugal, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, India, China and, of course, Jordan.

According to exercise officials, the competition was designed to “…challenge, enhance and hone the abilities of the teams competing, highlighting individual skills of the team members as well as their ability to work together to plan and execute the hardest yet most realistic and challenging tasks and scenarios these units may face on duty”.

The competition, which was launched with a counter-terrorism demonstration by the Jordanian Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), featured a series of test events across the KASOTC real estate, which regularly plays host to the international special operations community. 

Demonstration serials executed by JSOC force elements included a hostage rescue operation (HRO) on board a decommissioned Airbus A380 aircraft as well as live fire mobility drills and defensive driving tactics, techniques and procedures featuring armored personnel carriers and “white fleet” civilian vehicles. 

The show of force by Jordanian Special Operations Forces was followed by a series of exercise serials designed to test participating units. These included a marksmanship test, involving operators engaging targets with a variety of small arms weapons systems including the Glock 19 handgun, Remington 870 shotgun and Colt M4 carbine, all of which featured a Trijicon weapon sight.

Additional exercise serials included rapid domination of a three-story complex as part of HRO operations; and a sharpshooting exercise across four stories in an urban environment.

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