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Eurosatory 2018: Nammo goes to extreme lengths with new ammo

13th June 2018 - 08:00 GMT | by Beth Maundrill in Paris


Nammo could deliver its 155mm extreme range ramjet-powered artillery round as soon as 2023, according to the company.

Testing is currently ongoing for the round, which has a range of up to 100km, and the company is expecting to carry out a live firing of the projectile in 2019/2020.

For the live demonstration, the round will be fired from a standard L52 or L55 gun, according to Erland Orbekk, VP technology at Nammo.

The ramjet propulsion system uses an air breathing engine which means the air intake is utilised as a compressor, there are no moving parts and it is a self-regulated engine.

Nammo is using HTP3 with additives as fuel for the propulsion system.

The company is also working on a missile that uses the ramjet technology with a flight demonstration planned for 2021.

These programmes are being developed in accordance with Norwegian weapons platforms and future armed forces requirements.

However, there are not yet any firm requirements according to Thomas Danbolt, VP large calibre ammunition at Nammo.

Danbolt noted that the 100km range development follows on from the completion of the development of a new 155m IM HE-ER solution which was fired at over 40km multiple times, including from a K9 Thunder self-propelled howitzer.

He noted that with the new 100km range round there would be the possibility to cover 25 times the range  that is possible with a conventional M107 HE projectile, which is in use with the US Army. The M107 has a 20km range.

Danbolt added that the future of the extreme range line of products would most likely include a precision strike capability.

As well as working with the Norwegian military the company said it is in discussion with a number of different armies and users regarding the extreme range technology. 

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