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Swiss UAV delivers first rotary-wing UAV for pipeline monitoring

5th September 2008 - 00:00 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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SWISS UAV GmbH, a Switzerland based UAV manufacture,  delivered the first VTOL UAV of a series of systems designed for pipeline monitoring.

Fitted with a daylight gyro stabilized camera payload along with additional sensors, the VTOL UAV is capable of performing monitoring work with real-time live video within a range of 60km and up to 2 ½ hours flight duration.

The aircraft has two independent radio links to secure the communication with the ground control station.  The operator is able to interrupt the current flight plan and hover or change the co-ordinates and get closer if they recognise damage on the pipeline.  The following few months of extensive flight tests will prove the system is capable of fulfilling the given tasks ahead.

The system itself is based on the NEO S-300 VTOL UAV system, powered by a 14kw turbine. The MTOW of the NEO S-300 is 75kg, including 32litres of Jet A1 or similar fuel.

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