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SkyOne UAS completes 100km flight

6th December 2017 - 14:30 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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SkyX Systems has successfully completed a data collection flight of 100km with its SkyOne UAS, the company announced on 4 December.

The UAS flew an autonomous data mission over more than 100km of gas pipeline in Mexico. The flight was programmed and monitored remotely from the company's Greater Toronto Area SkyCenter mission control, with a support crew of engineers on the ground in Mexico.

The SkyX System consists of the UAS, the SkyCenter control room, which allows for real-time and secure mission monitoring from remote locations; and SkyBoxes, which allow SkyOne to recharge and continue long-range missions.

During the flight, the UAS gathered data that identified more than 200 geo-referenced anomalies along the remote pipeline - ranging from unauthorised buildings and cultivation, through to a fissure possibly caused by seismic activity - for further investigation.

Didi Horn, founder and CEO of SkyX, said: ‘We have proven our solution in a rugged environment which presented network communications challenges. Our Mexican partner was stunned not only by our results, but by the speed and accuracy with which we delivered them.

‘More than $38 billion is spent annually monitoring oil and gas pipelines using less efficient means, which often identify problems only long after they've occurred. SkyX brings an unprecedented value proposition to this global issue.’

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