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Sellafield orders additional Tiger ROVs

13th February 2019 - 10:30 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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Saab Seaeye has received an order from Sellafield to deliver additional Tiger ROVs for its nuclear waste project, the company announced on 7 February.

Tiger has been operating in the highly-corrosive conditions on the project for nine months, during which time it has only needed to pause for routine maintenance. The work involves removing buried radioactive material from 30cm of sludge in order to help clean up and empty the legacy storage ponds.

The nuclear-enabled version of the Tiger, Tiger-N, collects and sorts nuclear material including radioactive fuel bars. Each fuel bar is around one metre long, weighs 15kg and is gripped in the middle by the Tiger’s under-slung manipulator, monitored and identified, then transferred to a skip which can be removed from the pond for safer storage.

Skid options also include a four-function forward-facing manipulator, a scoop, a clam shell grabber, a water-jet cleaner and a cutter skid. Tiger also features a colour zoom camera and a down and rear view camera.

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