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KT unveils Skyship 2

10th July 2018 - 13:30 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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South Korea's KT has launched a new emergency rescue platform, Skyship 2, for disaster and emergency response management, the company announced on 6 July.

The Skyship platform includes an aircraft and a mobile communication centre that remotely controls UAS and UGVs carrying out SAR operations following disaster scenarios. Rescuers on the ground are also assisted with augmented reality glasses that have a direct line of communication to doctors at nearby hospitals for assistance in delivering emergency treatment.

The Skyship platform consists of four major components - the Skyship, a new-concept aircraft that combines an airship and a UAS; the Skyship C3 station, a mobile ground control station; and a UAS and UGV. The aircraft can fly up to six hours with a maximum speed of 80km per hour, withstand 13m per-second winds and can carry a payload of up to 5kg.

The aircraft's Skyship pod carries core hardware items including propellants, cameras, network modules and UAS. Signal scanning detects smartphone signals and synchronises them with mobile carriers' customer database to identify personal information pertaining to survivors, such as names and ages. Scanning can check for the presence of survivors within a 50m radius. When survivors are detected, Skyship will deploy UAS to pinpoint their exact locations. UGVs will then be dispatched on the ground to deliver emergency relief items, relay information to rescuers and take first-aid measures until rescuers arrive.

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