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Kespry launches UAS-based high-resolution thermal inspection solution

1st August 2018 - 08:30 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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Kespry has launched new UAS-based high-resolution thermal inspection solution for commercial property and industrial facilities, the company announced on 25 July.

According to Kespry, the new fully-autonomous, simple-to-use and high-resolution UAS inspection solution will reduce the cost of inspections for large-scale commercial buildings and deliver more accurate damage assessment.

For the commercial property industry, UAS roof inspections including thermal imaging will identify previously-unseen damage to roofs, mechanical elements, piping, and other infrastructure unapparent in traditionally-infrequent manual inspections.

Kespry’s thermal inspection solution is based on radiometric temperature analysis, providing data to people inspecting roofs. Radiometric analysis means that a specific temperature is displayed for a specific point on a roof.

The Kespry commercial roof solution also incorporates roof dimensional analysis/

George Mathew, CEO of Kespry, said: ‘Manual inspections and first-generation drone flights are slow and inaccurate ways of attempting to understand the state of a roof and the risk that issues may have on organisations’ productivity. 

'These earlier approaches leave surveyors, risk assessors, and roof inspectors guessing at the specific location of leaks, blocked drains or damage to building infrastructure, all of which can have serious impacts on assets inside. The new Kespry solution for commercial roof inspection solves these problems.’

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