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e2E launches comms terminal for UAS

10th October 2018 - 08:30 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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e2E has launched a low-cost, low power, compact and lightweight satellite communication terminal, e2Eaccess UAS-I, to enhance communications connectivity for small UAS.

The e2Eaccess UAS-I will improve the extended visual line-of-sight and beyond visual line-of-sight communications of small UAS by interfacing with a variety of radio frequency modules and delivering connectivity at different operating frequency bands.

The core e2Eaccess technology platform utilises software-defined radio (SDR) infrastructure, which allows the addition of waveforms and protocol stacks quickly and easily, without needing to upgrade or reconfigure the hardware.

The e2Eaccess UAS-I is available as an integrated product within an e2E satellite communications package or as a standalone modem. It has been primarily designed to meet the needs of the small UAS industry, but the core modem technology can be used by any airborne vehicle for applications including inspection and monitoring of infrastructure, precision agriculture, SAR and mapping.

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