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Special forces trigger Latin American exercise

19th July 2017 - 16:00 by Andrew White in London

Special forces trigger Latin American exercise

Special Forces from across Latin America started the annual Fuerzas Comando competition in Paraguay on 18 July as they seek to improve doctrine, concepts of operation and tactics across the joint operating environment.

Organised by the US Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) and host nation Paraguay, the competition will run through to 27 July and is aimed at enhancing interoperability between participating force components and developing tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) in the areas of ‘special operations’ and counter-terrorism (CT).

This year’s event comprises a special operations team from each of the 20 participating countries, with training serials focused on testing ‘strength, endurance and perseverance’, official sources informed Shephard.

Participating countries include Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Uruguay as well as a team from the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) as well as the host nation.

Held annually across Latin America, the Fuerzas Comando event generally concentrates on multiple mission sets across the special operations spectrum, including sniper operations; military operations in urban terrain; hostage rescue; and CT serials.

‘The exercise promotes partner nation military-to-military relationships, increases training knowledge and improves regional security,’ exercise officials explained.

‘Fuerzas Comando allows us to strengthen our relationships and our ability to combat the common threats of our hemisphere. None of us can face them alone. So, I challenge everyone to make new friends, strengthen existing relationships and seek to build trust between one another,’ explained LTC Angel Martinez, deputy director of training and exercises for the US Special Operations Command South (SOCSOUTH).

Similar sentiments were echoed by one anonymous Peruvian Special Forces officer, who described how the event allowed participating force elements to form ‘strong bonds’ and gain the opportunity to ‘see and learn other countries’ techniques that may be helpful for us to employ’.

Training will take place at the Paraguayan Army Infantry School, near Remanso Bridge; Special Army Troop Facilities in Cerrito; Artillery Command in the Department of Paraguari; and the Complex of the Institute of Social Prevision in Mariano Roque Alonso, the latter of which provides suitable terrain for MOUT serials.

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