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Polaris introduces MRZR-D2 vehicle

23rd February 2017 - 10:30 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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Polaris has developed a new two-seat turbo diesel version of its MRZR vehicle, the company announced on 20 February.

Called the MRZR-D2, the new variant has a 1,000lb payload, and more auxiliary power and 80 percent more range than the gas two-seater version.

In all four variants, the MRZR platform is flexible and modular to support uses including rapid personnel deployment, command and control, casualty evacuation and supply transport missions.

Jed Leonard, director, Polaris Government and Defense, said: 'In 2013 we introduced the MRZR, which led to a rapid fielding of a critical capability for special forces, and subsequently the selection of the MRZR as the platform for the SOCOM LTATV programme.

'The pursuit of innovation and capability improvement at Polaris continues. And with the launch of the two-seat variant, our customers have even greater flexibility for their missions and can choose between gas, diesel, and now two or four seats for their MRZRs.'

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