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French Navy using FusionSight

23rd January 2018 - 16:30 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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Bertin Instruments’ FusionSight handheld night and day vision device has been deployed by the French Navy in the Caribbean.

According to the company the device will be used to support helicopter search and rescue and drug interdiction operations.

The device is designed to provide smart fusion for threat and target detection in low visibility conditions. It combines two viewing modes, based on colour low light and thermal cameras, for use separately or in smart fusion.

The FusionSight with video output supports surveillance, providing observers with all necessary information in a single fused image. For counter-drug smuggling operations this might include the name of the boat observed, the number of crew members on board, as well as details such as whether the targets are armed.

The lightweight device is optimised for helicopter operations, as lack of space on the aircraft means the observer has to stand behind either the door gunner or the hoist operator and hold the observation device at arm’s length while viewing the output.

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