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Manipulator arms for Beachcomber’s H800 ROV

9th March 2018 - 11:30 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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ECA Group has received a contract from Beachcomber to supply two five-function BM5E Micro underwater electric arms, the company announced on 6 March.

The arms will enhance the maintenance capacity of Beachcomber’s H800-INS remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV), which was delivered by ECA in spring 2017.

The arms are compact and lightweight and can be installed, side by side, on a single skid placed immediately underneath the ROV.

During operations one arm of the H800-INS ROV is used to hold a fixed point on the targeted underwater structure, thereby maintaining the ROV at a constant distance to it, while the other arm carries out the maintenance operation itself.

The H800 ROV is used by Beachcomber as a maintenance tool for its underwater structures in Tahiti. 

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