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News - f-15

Programme Results - Defence Insight

  • Fighter - multirole

    F-35I Adir (51-75) (Israel)

    Programme Background On 15 February 2015, Israel signed an FMS deal to procure 33 F-35A (F-35I Adir) fighter aircraft with an option of 17. Israel ...

  • Fighter - multirole

    F-35A Japan

    In 2019, Japan requested to be an official partner in the F-35 programme, but this request was rejected by the Pentagon. The F-35 Joint Strike ...

  • Fighter - multirole

    F-16 Replacement [Thailand]

    Programme Background Requirement The new Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) commander ACM Napadej Thupatemi, who took up his post on 1 October 2021, commented that the ...

  • Fighter - multirole

    F-16V (Jordan)

    Programme Background On 3 February 2022, the US State Department announced that it has approved a potential sale of 12 F-16 C Block 70 aircraft,  four ...

  • Fighter - multirole

    Future Fighter Capability Project [Canada]

    Programme Background Canada’s defence policy estimates the acquisition of the aircraft, associated equipment and setup to enable entry into service will cost C$15-19 billion ($12.9-14.5 billion). In ...

  • Fighter - multirole

    F-15EX - USAF (Announced)

    Programme Background The F-15EX will be based on the 2-seat F-15QA (Qatar) configuration upgraded with USAF-only capabilities, including the Eagle Passive Active Warning and Survivability ...

  • Fighter - multirole

    F-35A (Poland)

    Programme BackgroundDuring MSPO 2021, Lockheed Martin announced details related to F-35A manufacturing for the Polish Air Force. According to J.R McDonald, Lockheed Martin’s VP, business development ...

  • Fighter - multirole

    F-35A (Greece)

    Programme Background The Greek press has already leaked information on the prices, terms and conditions for delivery of 25-30 F-35As. If procurement is agreed upon, ...

  • Fighter - multirole

    F-18 Replacement Phase II/Project Halcon II [Spain]

    Programme Background The Spanish Air Force began requirements assessments, although potential suppliers, including Boeing (F/A-18E/F), Lockheed Martin (F-35), and Airbus-BAE-Leonardo (Eurofighter Typhoon), are already engaged ...

  • Fighter - multirole

    JAS-39C/D Gripen Replacement [Czech Republic]

    Programme Background Requirements The Czech Republic Air Force operates 14 Gripens (12 JAS 39C and two JAS 39D variants) under a lease agreement that runs ...

  • Fighter - multirole

    F-15EX - USAF (Contracted)

    Programme Background USAF is looking to procure 144 F-15EX fighter aircraft, including two RDTE configurations and six low-rate initial production aircraft. F-15EX will replace ageing ...

  • Fighter - multirole

    Project Halcon I [Spain]

    Programme Background The Spanish Air Force began requirements assessments, although potential suppliers including Boeing (F/A-18E/F), Lockheed Martin (F-35), Airbus-BAE-Leonardo (Eurofighter Typhoon) are already engaged with ...

  • Fighter - multirole

    F-16V Block 70 (Bahrain)

    Programme Background In 2018, the US government awarded a $1.12 billion contract to Lockheed Martin to produce 16 F-16 Block 70 aircraft for Bahrain, which ...

  • Fighter - multirole

    Kfir Replacement (Colombia)

    Programme Background In May 2021, budget constraints prompted new Colombian finance minister José Manuel Restrepo (in post since 3 May) to place on indefinite hold ...

  • Fighter - multirole

    Ex-Norwegian F-16AM [Romania]

    Programme Background According to the Norwegian MoD, the F-16AM/BMs have been in service for 40 years. The first aircraft will be delivered in 2023 and ...

Equipment Results - Defence Insight

  • Air: Integrated Defensive Systems

    F-15 Tactical Electronic Warfare Suite (TEWS)

    The F-15 Tactical Electronic Warfare Suite (TEWS) is a protection system designed to give F-15, F-15K and F-15E pilots software-controlled protection against directed RF threats. ...

  • Air: Displays


    L3Harris GH-4200 Electronic Standby Instrument System (ESIS) is a repeater display designed for F-15 and F/A-18 aircraft.

  • Fighter - air superiority


    The F-15J and F-15DJ "Peace Eagle" are variants of the F-15 Eagle air-superiority tactical fighter aircraft manufactured by Mitsubishi for the Japan Air Self-Defense Force.  

  • Fighter - air superiority

    F-15 Eagle

    The F-15 Eagle is a group of air-superiority tactical fighter aircraft that includes the F-15A/B/C/D models. The F-15A "Streak Eagle" and F-15C are single-seat versions used ...

  • Core systems: cameras and IR detectors

    Ophir Lightweight IR Zoom Lenses

    The LightIR thermal imaging zoom lenses include the 20-275mm f/5.5 mediumwave IR(264gr) and the 15-75mm f/1.2 longwave IR (320gr). Both lenses are lightweight and high-performance, ...

  • EO/IR systems


    IRST is a passive, long-range IR search and track (IRST) sensor system that detects and tracks airborne threats in electronic attack and heavy countermeasure environments. ...

  • Air: chaff, flare and decoy systems

    FG-3/-6/-9 IR Flares

    The FG-3/-6/-9 IR Flares are fully compatible in form, fit and function with M206 and MJU-7B flares respectively, and they all use magnesium/PTFE cartridge pellets. ...

  • EO/IR systems


    Operational on USMC F/A-18s, the Advanced Tactical Airborne Reconnaissance System (ATARS) provides high-resolution imagery for real/near-real time reconnaissance and can perform strike and bomb damage ...

  • Fighter - multirole

    F-16A/B Block 1, 5, 10, 15, 20

    The F-16 Fighting Falcon programme started as a low-cost, highly manoeuvrable day fighter to complement the higher-cost, heavier McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle air superiority fighter. ...

  • Air: AEW/fire control radar


    The AN/APG-63(V)3 AESA radar is designed to provide adaptable technology and tactical flexibility as the newest member of Raytheon’s F-15 radar family. It is designed ...

  • Air: Helmet-mounted displays


    The Joint Helmet-Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS) is a joint USAF/USN programme that has fielded over 5,000 systems. The JHMCS is qualified on F-15, F-16 and ...

  • Air: chaff, flare and decoy systems

    IRCM Flares

    Kilgore develops and manufactures a range of airborne IR decoy flares. These are compatible with most available dispenser systems. Standard flare products manufactured include: MJU-7A/B, ...

  • Core systems: cameras and IR detectors


    The 7020-1-D-01 is an athermal longwave infrared fixed-focal-length assembly, 25mm F/1.0. It supports multiple detectors with pitch from 15-50µm and designed for general thermal imaging ...

  • Fighter - multirole

    F-35I Adir

    The F-35I Adir is an F-35A Lightning II variant customised to meet the requirements of the Israel Defense Forces to replace the F-16 fleet in ...

  • Air: air combat simulators

    Pakistan Air Force F-16C ATDs

    The F-16C Aircrew Training Devices built by L3Harris Technologies for the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) became ready for training in 2014. Both simulators, one a ...