Night Vision and Optics

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The Night Vision and Optics Handbook is an essential information and reference source for the night vision community. It has become well established as an invaluable and useful guide to equipment for military, parapublic and civilian users around the world. 

Night Vision capability has come into its own as an essential tool in the fight against terrorism, and demand has grown for a definitive reference source. Through its unique market contacts, Shephard is ideally positioned to meet this requirement.

Contents includes:

Aviator goggles
Aircraft electro-optic pods
Integrated helmets (rotary / fixed)
NVG Compatible lighting
Infrared search and track systems
Reconnaissance systems

NVG’s and IR scopes for ground troops
Infantry weapon sights
- image intensifiers
- thermal imaging
Hand-held devices
Observation, surveillance and targeting
Driver aids
Vehicle commanders’ sights
Long range observation system

Optronic masks and periscopes
Ship surveillance and fire control systems

IR detectors and cameras
Image intensifiers

The handbook also features:
Product Guide
Suppliers Guide

Editorial enquiries:
please contact Ian Kemp - Editor tel: +44 (0) 208 542 5306

The Night Vision and Optics Handbook has a worldwide circulation and distribution.

Mailed by name to:
• Key companies involved night vision sector, and those organisations who have expressed an interest with this growing industry.

Available to attendees of:
• AUSA Annual

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