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Shephard’s Infantry Equipment Handbook is an invaluable reference guide to infantry equipment. Concise and compact, the handbook provides specifications with a supplier/product guide, in addition to being an excellent point of contact for government, military and senior industry personnel across the world.

The handbook contains up to date information on the latest equipment including:
• the full spectrum of personal and crew-served weapons: 
- pistols, carbines/assault rifles, sniper rifles, machine guns, mortars, individual grenade launchers, automatic grenade launchers, hand grenade and assault/anti-tank weapons
• optical day sights, laser points and weapon-mounted fire control systems
• combat body armour including helmets, goggles and protective gloves
• load carriage, including water carriers

Product Guide - an easy guide to who makes what
Suppliers Guide - A-Z of the industry supplying this sector

Editorial enquiries:
please contact Ian Kemp - Editor  tel: +44 (0) 208 542 5306

The Infantry Equipment Handbook has a worldwide circulation and distribution.

Mailed by name to:
• Key companies involved in the infantry equipment sector, and those organisations who have expressed an interest with this growing industry.

Available to attendees of:
• AUSA Annual

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