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Terma and JEDS sign C2 agreement

22nd November 2011 - 18:46 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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Jenkins Engineering Defence Systems (JEDS) and Terma A/S have signed a Technical Support Agreement for the service and support of Terma's advanced C-Raid tactical command and control (C2) systems installations. According to a company statement issued by Terma, the signing marks ‘marks a milestone in the establishment of a service and support structure for C-Raid in the Asia Pacific region’. 

Terma said the agreement will secure fast and effective response to customer requirements and assure the installation, service, and support of C-Raid is aligned with operational requirements. C-Raid is a network-based tactical command and control system designed to provide real-time situational awareness for small boat teams engaged in boarding and interdiction operations.

Terma designed the C-Raid system ‘to meet the emerging needs of navies, special forces, coast guards, and maritime security agencies for a multi-user system aimed at improving the conduct of missions - such as maritime interdiction, boarding operations, and search and rescue - involving the employment of small boats under the command of larger vessels or shore-based headquarters.’

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